How big is the company revenue from
Digital sales sector?

Has your company done the preparation
for human resources and supporting
system with digital application?
Visualize if the whole process of the company sales has been digitalized that would make it easier for the customers to get your products, purchasing process becomes more effective and more efficient, the sales person becomes more confident to serve the customers, while the decision makers of the company could easily observe the whole sales process at any time, cost down the company expense, and would automatically increase the company profit.
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i-Sales Telesales
A really extensive application for a telemarketing business, starts from searching for data consent to a realtime reporting system in the form of dashboard. It would facilitate the company to conduct their telemarketing business in much convenient way. I-sales Telesales could be installed either into tablets or laptops, it will not require a telemarketing room nor extra space, moreover it could be conducted from anywhere, thus it would become easier for the company to operate their telemarketing business.
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i-Sales Agent
Your sales office is within your hand, now! By using this application and without (any) paperwork, it would help the telemarketers to still conduct their work either thru tablets or smartphones. Begin with recuitment process of fresh marketing forces for the team, performing training program and monitoring as well, carry out various actiivities such as making phone calls to any prospective clients, filling out sales forms and sending them to head office within split second! This application also support online sales thru video call.
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i-sales Learning
A digital application designed for training program and human resources development that could be performed online, yet still meet the requirement of knowledge sharing, knowledge replenishment, and skill improvement as the core of a training, and will support the work. At the same time training result and training behavior could be monitored as well, and either for the improvement of human resources performance and promotion interest there would be a realtime dashboard of performance for individual as well as for management.
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